“Welcome to Zohacci, where comfort meets couture and every stitch tells a story. Our mission is to offer

comfort wear that empowers you to gracefully overcome life's challenges.”



In the world full of challenges and hardships somewhere we all struggle, trying our best to make a better and comfortable living for ourselves and family, during this high time of e-commerce the extra effort to find the right comfort wear can be a major challenge added into your daily tasks.

The Hardships and Challenges were the same with me where I struggled to find everyday comfortable and modest wear for my daily work & house chores.
The Solution was found for myself and surroundings loved it. 

Hence ZOHACCI was Found.

Mrs. Kamran
Mrs. Kamran


FROM 'I' to 'WE'

Founded by Mrs. Kamran in 2015, Zohacci began in response to the need for modest attire tailored for household chores and daily tasks. Starting as a one-woman endeavor, our journey has been marked by countless challenges—sourcing the right materials, staying connected with trends, stitching, and maintaining quality control. Driven by strong personal beliefs and dedication, Zohacci has grown from a small business to a global presence. We're proud to provide people around the world with our modest clothing, known for its
great styles and comfort. Thank you for your trust; we're committed to continuing to serve you!